How do I post a trip?

Please see:  How to post a new trip

How do I post an item for sale?

You can post on our gear swap forum. http://forum.glska.com/ You will need to register first, at http://forum.glska.com/ucp.php?mode=register, and a moderator will have to approve your account before you can post. Once that’s done, you can post in the Gear Swap forum by clicking on the New Topic button. Messages posted on the forum will show up in the sidebar on the front page of the GLSKA website.

I’m not getting notified of new trips in time. What can I do?

Take a look at the next two questions. You can add the GLSKA calendar to your own calendar app or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Can I add the GLSKA trip calendar to my Calendar app?

In OS X Calendar go to File > New Calendar Subscription and add this URL:


If you use google calendar online, you can add the GLSKA calendar as follows: Click on Other calendars > Add by URL. Enter:


Once you have added the calendar, go to GLSKA Trip Calendar > Edit Notifications to receive email notification when a new event is added to the calendar.

Is there an RSS feed for upcoming trips and events?

There is. You can find it at http://www.glska.com/wp/?cat=638,675&feed=rss2

My email is on the site. Can my email be harvested by spammers?

Unlikely. While we cannot guarantee that it is impossible to extract your email from the post where it appears, the email address is not readable in the HTML source code of the page. It appears legible to humans, but is difficult to read for robots. We use a WordPress plug-in called Email Encoder Bundle

What is going on with the forum?

We have a forum just like the one we had on the old site at forum.glska.com. This forum runs on phpbb, like the forum that existed on the old website. You will need to re-register for this forum. This forum will become obsolete once we implement phase 2, because it is not possible to make it work with the online membership features.
We will eventually have a forum that is integrated in the wordpress platform: http://www.glska.com/wp/?post_type=forum This forum does not yet appear in the menu, as it is part of phase 2. You need a login and password for this forum too, and they are NOT the same login as the ones for forum.glska.com. It is not  possible to self-register for now, so you will need to request a login from the .

 Why can’t I log in?

Once we implement phase 2, we will let people renew their memberships on-line and ask them to log in to get access to members-only content. Logging in may give members access to create posts and submit them for review as well. Until then, you will need to request a login from the .

What are those tags at the bottom of a  post?


Tags are a way to add metadata to posts. It helps to make posts easier to find. There are many ways to organize posts; by date, by location, by organizer etc. To make posts easier to find, we use a number of tools. Search is obviously a tool that many people would use. But what if you don’t know what to search for? What if the title of the post does not tell you where a trip took place? So in addition to search we offer some structure: posts are categorized. There is a category for posts about safety, a category for Bruce Peninsula Paddling Destinations etc. These categories are organized hierarchically. The Trips categories is the “parent” of Ontario, which is  the parent of Georgian Bay, which is the parent of Northern Georgian Bay. Because we show these categories at the top of each post, it is easy to find trip reports for trips in the same area. But what if you’re looking for something that is not so easy to put in a category? That’s where these tags come in. Tags are non-hierarchical meta-data, and fill the gap between search and categorization. Search uses the  full text of the post, categories use the rigid hierarchy of a taxonomy, and tags use keywords. Clicking on a tag will take you to a special page that lists all posts that have been  tagged with that keyword. As the number of posts that have been tagged continues to grow, it will become easier to find related posts. The other benefit of using tags is that it helps search engines like google make our website easier to find. A search for kayak cathcarts georgian bay or example should return a result like this one.

What happened to the Links page?

It does not appear in the menu, but it is still there: http://www.glska.com/wp/?page_id=54

What happened to the GLSKA Book Shop?

The book shop has been discontinued. It did not generate revenue for the club anymore.

All those photos make the site slow to load. Can I turn them off?

Try an image blocking add-on for your browser:

For Mozilla, this works: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-block/

In Chrome, under preferences, (chrome://settings/) go to Show advanced settings… and click on Content Settings…, then on Images > Manage Exceptions… Set the Hostname pattern to [*.]glska.com and set the behavior to Block.

In Opera, go the the preferences and add an Image Exception. Set the Hostname pattern to [*.]glska.com and set the behavior to Block.

What’s the deal with the glska.freehostia.com domain?

The glska website used to be hosted at freehostia, who in addition to hosting glska.com for us also provided a free site at the domain glska.freehostia.com. The content was the same. The official website was glska.com, but unfortunately, search engines picked up glska.freehostia.com too. When I started moving the domain to a new host, we still had access to glska.freehostia.com, so I set up redirects that the search engines could pick up, and that would redirect users with outdated bookmarks to the correct site. This worked for a while. What I did not realize was that making changes to the freehostia site was not without its limitations;  freehostia no longer offers such domains. I inadvertently broke the glska.freehostia.com domain, and could not bring it back. That means that anyone trying to find glska.freehostia.com now comes up empty. Not elegant, and certainly not what I had planned, but most search engines have picked up the new site, and we’re now getting the search results that we wanted in the first place.



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